Hinkle Family Fun Center

Go Fast. Go Karts.

The wind in your hair, your hands on the wheel, and your friends far behind you. Go Karts, only one of the many attractions at Hinkle.

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Battletech Firestorm Virtual Reality Pods

Firestorm delivers adrenaline-pumping game action as you control a thirty-foot tall, 75 ton walking tank, blasting your way to victory. You’re the pilot of a BattleMech® competing against up to five other players in the 31st century. Each ’Mech® is equipped with tons of ammo, cannons, lasers and missiles. Your job is to destroy your opponents while trying to withstand their vigorous attack on you.

There are over thirty different ’Mechs to choose from. Each has a variation on size, speed, weapons and controls. Choose from more than twenty different battlefields, including cities, swamplands, canyons, and more.

Step into the 31st century!

Cost: $6.95 per person for a 7 minute game.

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